A Beginner's Guide to the Sexual Art of Feet

Feet and Fetishism!

Yep we've picked feet to talk about. Those things that tread the earth, get shoved in sweaty socks and shoes, and pick up whatever you’ve not hoovered up off your carpets. Sounds sexy right? Well apparently you all think so!

A love of feet is one of the most common arousal triggers around. Yep, the foot fetish even has its own proper term: Podophilia. There are streams of networks on social media all bowing to a huge community of toe sucking, ankle massaging, sole-worshipping foot lovers!

So what is it about feet? Are they sexual body parts to be explored or do you prefer to keep things north of the knees? What do the loyal following of erotic foot fetishists see in the attraction of feet?

Firstly, let's look at what exactly is a fetish?

In short, it's when you get off on something and make yourself feel all tingly and aroused. What that 'thing' is, is down to you and your 'fetish'. Up at the vanilla end of the scale you've got your feet, gimp masks, leather kicks, even ugg boots appeared up there on the list of turn-ons. The opposite end to vanilla are all sorts of objects, items of interest, fixations, 'things' that play their role in contributing to arousal.

What other popular fetishes rank up there with feet?

Ok here goes, a quick rundown of the most widely searched fetishes before we circle back to feet and your tootsie toes.

Anal fetish

And we'll lump in anal toy fetish with that too. If you love a good old butthole then you may also have found yourself having a little play with buttplugs, dildos, pegging, fingers and not forgetting the penis. Understandable that the bum gives so much satisfaction, it has nearly 8000 nerve endings to tingle!

BDSM fetish

Who doesn't love fantasising about Mr. Christian Grey and his collection of toys? If you haven't imagined yourself being tickled with a leather whip then get out there and read Jilly Cooper - the Matriarch of soft porn novels!

Cunilingus fetish

Who needs penetration when you can suck, lick, bite (gently) an area so intimately that the orgasm can be mind-blowing.

Why do people like feet?

Good question. But they do! A lot!

Your feet are covered in nerve endings, nearly 7000 of them to be precise. Tickle, rub, massage those feisty feet and you're guaranteed to get some kind of reaction from your foot muse. Maybe you're fessing up to your love of feet to a life-long partner or, maybe you're going straight in with a first-time hook-up, there is so much you can do with the feet to spice things up.

Before you dip your toe in, here are a few reasons why someone might be a little foot fixated. Educate yourself on personal views first so you don't run for the hills if a particular person lets you know they're sexually charged by feet!


Really? Feet are humiliating? Well, they’re considered to be ‘below you’ so technically if you play with a foot you are physically ‘lower’ than your partner. This can trigger a dynamic power play. We’re into BDSM chat here but basically it’s a control thing. 


Put the shoe on the other foot (clever hey) and flip the humiliation around and some couples who are into the world of power play like to dominate. Kneeling at your partner’s feet, encouraging your partner to put their feet on your body all plays into the hands (or feet) of the dominant-submissive positions in the world of BDSM.

Clean feet vs. dirty feet fetish

People get turned on by either just the same as they might like long feet, thin, bent toes, straight toes, big feet, shoes on, shoes off. The list is endless as are the different types of feet. Many people might add feet into their sex lives, maybe their porn videos focus on feet, whilst others might just like feet and want to sit in front of Netflix and give a good old foot massage. No one size fits all!

What are the different types of foot attire involved in a foot turn-on?

Whatever fits the foot fits the fetish! Just like anything in this world, we’re all different and the same is true of sexual kinks. Every person is turned on by something and with feet, it could be anything from heels to flip flops, sandals to stockings and socks to metal-toe industrial boots! So many categories of footwear!

How to introduce a love of feet into your relationship

Tricky one but as with anything in life this all comes down to communication. If you don’t get it out there you’ve either got to put the fantasy back in the shoebox or fly with the wind and just come out with it! 

What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll laugh, you’ll tick it off as a ‘nope’ and you’ll move on. What’s the best that can happen? Oh hello, new level of relationship - now give me some toes to suck! 

Like the idea of exploring a foot fix? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Pedicure - we have no doubt there are people out there who get turned on by dirty feet. And that’s ok (kind of). We’re all about clean safe sex though so go and groom those tootsies.
  • Shoe play - kiss the shoe on your partner’s feet, work up around the ankle, find any bit of exposed skin. Worship that shoe in whatever shape or form it comes!
  • Foot selfie - yep it's a thing! Why can’t it be? Dick selfies are thrown around more commonly than the dick itself in many situations. So sauce it up, put on some tunes, and treat your feet to a photoshoot. Then shimmy that image into your partner’s DMs and stand back and admire your work. It may be a foot but damn it’s a hot one!
  • Toe sucking - mix it up, get down on your knees in the heat of the moment and give those toes a little bit of licking, rubbing, and sucking.

So if you’re intrigued or slightly curious then embrace those ready-made erogenous zones and give it a try. In our ongoing quests for sexual pleasure - which let’s be honest, can often fall short - it’s often easy to focus solely on the genitals. Let’s be bold, brave, and brash and spread our feet wings! You never know, you might quite like it, you might even love it!