A Book Review: Empowering Essays on Singlehood

Take thirty women. Single women. The 21st Century. Your thoughts. Their thoughts. And you have one very topical and interesting read.

This book brings together the feelings, very authentic feelings, of modern-day women navigating the life of singlehood in the 21st Century.

From flying solo at a wedding to the first forays into single life after a long relationship, these gloriously vocal women cover it all. 

“Why are you single?”

“What have you done about finding a boyfriend?”

“I want what she has”.

All too common questions and thoughts. 

Is it wrong to be single? No. 

Can we own being single? Absolutely.

You don’t need a man in your life but you might want one. Or maybe you don’t want one but you think you need one. Either way, this book approaches singlehood from all angles.

Each and every woman is relatable to. 

Each and every experience carries an element of “yep, been there too”. 

Through their stories, these women unleash and uncover their own strengths and power. Their ability to stand up to society’s perception of singlehood as something ‘wrong’ is commendable and heard loud and clear. 

There is a slight lean towards why relationships are wrong as opposed to why singlehood can be great but this doesn’t deviate away from the overriding theme and it's worth persevering through the first few chapters of ‘relationship-bashing’. 

You’ll soon start unearthing the importance of being single. The strength you can draw from discovering who you are, what you want and what you want to do just as YOU as opposed to being a passenger.

Society leans towards couples, the singles can often be considered an awkward ‘group’. The book attempts to try and break this taboo. With such a distorted view of the world it’s easy for singles to see the label as ‘wrong’. 

In reading this book and hearing their stories, you’ll walk away with the belief that validation does not come through another person or waiting to be chosen from the shelf. 

You are your own validation.