But seriously, have you been tested?

We are talking getting STI tested. How many of us have slept with someone without even checking they have been tested for STIs? How many of us just hope for the best and use the intervention method rather than the prevention method? 

More than half of adults in the UK have never been tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The proportion reaches well over two-thirds among men, a new survey has revealed. It also showed that more than a quarter of UK adults would only go for an STI test if they experienced symptoms.  This puts them at risk of damage from infections that are often symptomless.

The world of dating, meeting up with people and prepping to have your first rendezvous with someone is a good place to be.  It is fun, sexy and thrilling. But, how many of us are questioning someone about whether they have had an STI test?

Now, my little write up today is about YOU  finding the confidence to ask potential sexual partners if they are taking their sexual health seriously.

Embarrassed talking about sexual health?

I know it is awkward. There  is a stigma, and it is still so taboo especially for women to openly talk about sexual health. There is this slight connotation that we are somehow dirty. Or,  we are assuming the person we are asking is dirty or that they ‘sleep around’?

When, if you have had unprotected sex even just the once, do you honestly and truly know 100% that the person has been checked and is negative?, And, is it even in line with your timeline with them? Have you ever considered that they could have had a quick rendezvous the day after their test? Are they worth taking the risk for?

Luckily for me I am upfront and, in your face, and if you were going to be my new sexual partner, I would want to see proof that you have been tested. I know it is a personal matter and, I know it is a very private thing. But, if our privates are about to mingle, I think we have crossed the threshold in checking we are all safe and healthy.

I have changed the narrative in my head. I have no shame or guilt when it comes to discussing my sexual health and the importance of it.

Own your body and sexual health

Why did we start iPlaySafe app? Because we want everyone to take ownership, build confidence, talk about safety and ultimately have fun. Own that you are looking after yourself in all aspects of your body.

STIs are on the rise. I am sorry to break it to you! There is a swinging sex scene in the UK with singletons being able to mingle and fulfil all their sexual needs, and I want you to tap into your inner god and goddesses and find that power.  Find the power to be shame-free when it comes to discussing your sexual health. Sex is natural, healthy, and very normal (it is how you got here after all). But, sometimes with sex comes infection. 

The best way to crack down on infections is to minimise the spread, just like everyone has done with COVID-19. Same plan. Before you go and mingle - make sure you are feeling positive and testing negative! 

Want to know how to get tested for an STI?

Lucky for you here at iPlaySafe app we have an easy, sexy and sophisticated way to get tested. It is so simple to be able to share your status with people and they can do the same. We remove the need for awkward conversations. There’ll be no more killing the mood. Instead you have a very simple;

“I have a ‘play badge’ to share. Do you?"