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Collecting Your Samples

Collecting Your Samples

First thing first. Pop your details on the label on the biohazard bag. We can not process your sample if this is not filled in.
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Collect Your Samples
When Convenient


Make Sure Your
Box Contains


Sign In To The App
To Activate Your Box

Go to the iPlaySafe App and enter your box activation ID. You will find this located on the label of the biohazard bag.
Make sure to sign in to your own account, it’s essential that the information and sample you provide is your own.
Fill in the details on the label of the biohazard bag. That information is essential for the lab to process your sample.

How To Collect
Your Urine Sample

Before you start, wash your hands.

Pee into the urine collection cup and use the pipette to collect urine from the cup and add it into the urine collection tube.
Do not fill above or below the two marked lines, or your sample cannot be processed.
Screw the lid back onto the tube. Your sample is ready to be returned.

How To Collect
Your Blood Sample

Before you start, drink plenty of water and wash your hands.

It is important your hands are nice and warm so rub them together vigorously.
Use the alcohol swab to clean your selected fingertip, and wipe it dry with the gauze.
Twist and remove the blue cap from the finger prick. To prick your finger, lay your hand on a flat surface.
Press the finger prick firmly into the middle of your fingertip. To encourage the blood flow we recommend standing up, holding your arm downwards, and massaging the length of your finger from your palm to your fingertip.
Place your finger over the blood collection tube. The tube must be filled to the top line marked on the side of the tube. If you can’t get enough blood droplets, prick another finger.
Replace the lid back on the blood collection tube and press down firmly until you hear a click. Tip the tube upside down 5 to 10 times. Your sample is ready to be returned.

How To Return
Your Samples

Place your urine and blood samples inside the biohazard bag. Make sure you seal the bag and place it into the iPlaySafe Box.
Place the box into the pre-paid envelope provided and take it to your nearest post box immediately.

Results That
You Can Track

Once your sample has been processed, you will receive your results directly on your app within 2 to 5 working days

Status That
You Can Share

After receiving your results, you will have access to a 'play badge' for 6 months. Create a profile to claim your badge. The badge is your key to share your verified status with others.

A Medical Team, That You Can Speak With And Trust

You will have the option to discuss your results with a member of the nursing team. 

Our pharmacy partner can provide prescription and treatment, if suitable.