Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive Condom

So you’re looking at ways to have safe sex but you think condoms are mood-dampening buzz-killers? Sounds like you haven’t found the right one! 

There are plenty of ultra-thin, pleasure-enhancing little packets of protection that keep you and your partner safe AND give you pleasure. 

So which one gets our vote?

We always remain impartial here at iPlaySafe App but we also like to have a little play and test! 

This week we’ve put the Durex Extra Sensitive Condom through its paces and can report back from some smiling customers. So let’s sum our little buddy up for you.

  • It's ‘super thin’. It even says that on the marketing and it is true to it’s word. 
  • It’s shape is ‘sleek’. So sleek you barely notice it. That’s a remarkable design high-five for those who think condoms get in the way of pleasure.
  • It’s extra-lubricated. 2 jobs in 1 little packet. We’d call that a brucey bonus. You can still use extra lube for a super slippery sexual experience. 
  • It comes out top of many reviews for Best Sensitivity Condom.
  • It’s rocking a slightly straight walled shape to help maximise sensitivity. 

Here’s what our testers reported back.

Works great! Did what it was supposed to do with no problems. Very thin and comfortable. Easy to get on and barely noticeable. Was very pleased with this product.

This is a good all-purpose condom. It’s a regular size, but has extra headroom and is slightly relaxed at the base for easy application. I have a larger head and like the extra lube. It’s quite sensitive. I’m broad but not long and it fits fine. 

This condom is extra thin, well-lubricated and transmits body heat well. It has a great fit and is my favourite go-to condom for when I want to feel everything.

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