Meet Freyja, the adult social media network focused on improving sexual education and reducing sexual violence. Sometimes brands jump out of our inboxes when they get in touch and Freyja’s mission and ethos screamed ‘partnership’ the minute we saw them.

In Norse paganism, Freyja (meaning Lady) is a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, sex, war and gold. This brand is on a mission to live up to her reputation.

Their ethos is to provide ‘pleasure-based sex ed and adult entertainment in a healthy environment’ and break through the stigma of sex being silenced.

Online censorship can often be so AI-controlled that it blocks and knocks the brands who are actually trying to get the correct message across. Both individuals, educators and ‘taboo-smashing’ brands can often struggle to be seen and heard.

Freyja has stepped into the social network market to change this. 

As with iPlaySafe, their aim is to remove the stigma, let voices speak freely, and opinions be heard. The space removes unfair censorship and discrimination. The platform creates a blanket of security which in turn breeds the confidence to speak louder and louder.

Society is facing great uncertainty with sexuality, acceptance and the freedom of expression. Brands such as iPlaySafe and Freyja strive to promote sexual independence. 

We are fully in support of any platform that can nurture and support the ability to have the confidence in your own sexuaity. Your own sensual self. This is an environment of sexual autonomy. You’ll feel able to free yourself from the opinions of others and realise that your body belongs to you and no one else. 

Check out the sex ed content on and follow iPlaySafe on the Freyja xo social media network.