HANX: A year of great Sex Christmas Surprise

This gift box deserves a whole post of its own! We’re dedicating a whole iPlaySafe Pick of the Week post to HANX’s Christmas miracle. 

Year of Great Sex Gift Set!

Cue mic drop. https://www.hanxofficial.com/products/one-year-condom-supply-with-pouch Step away. You’re most welcome. 

But we won’t. We’ll delve a little deeper and have a little exploration of it. 

As will you when you get your hands on this sexual delight of safe sex. 

Because that’s it in a nutshell. Safe sex. A box full to the brim of condoms. Ultra-thin, vegan condoms. A whole year’s supply. No rummaging around in the bathroom cabinet whilst cursing “there must be one in here somewhere”.

Nothing to see here…

That’s the message printed on your condom stashing pouch. Subtle Pouch as HANX refers to it. Nothing subtle about this little gem! Unzip it and unleash the little packets of joy inside. Your condoms will jump onto his shaft all by themselves.