HANX: The Pill with More Chill

What do you do when you see first-hand the confusion and complications that people face trying to access the contraceptive pill?

You take matters into your own hands and launch a new, convenient, easily accessible online service for hormonal contraception. And that’s exactly what HANX has done. 

As an NHS Gynecology Doctor, HANX Founder Sarah Welsh saw the frustrations that came with trying to get the pill. Out of 1000+ HANX customers asked, 35% of contraceptive pill users said they missed taking the pill on occasion because they couldn’t get a new prescription. 

So HANX has made things easier. A lot easier. As ever, stigma, confusing jargon and misinformation are being broken down and an open, honest and straightforward approach has been taken. 

HANX, we salute you and thank you!

What’s happening in a nutshell?

  • A new independent online contraceptive pill service, HANX Fix: Pill has been launched by HANX.
  • Women can take control and find the best pill for their body with over 30 different pills available to order.
  • Customers can order at any time without the need to see a Doctor, pharmacist or sexual health clinic.

Interested in some stats?

  • 35% of contraceptive pill users have missed taking their pill as they were unable to get a repeat prescription.
  • Nearly 70% of oral contraception pill users have taken it for reasons other than birth control.

How does the service work?

  • The HANX application process will see a specialist pharmacy team educate, inform and support customers on the pros and cons of each type of contraceptive, helping them to safely find the perfect pill for their body, all through the online service. 
  • The pharmaceutical experts will also follow up with customers to help provide guidance for future contraceptive methods and offer the necessary aftercare. 

What other reasons do people take the pill for? 

A recent survey has shown that nearly 7 in 10 people take the pill for reasons other than birth control. These can include:

  • 35% use it to manage heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • 33% use it to manage painful periods.
  • 27% use it to manage irregular bleeding.
  • 24% use it to manage PCOS.

Still need convincing? Here’s a little bit more info.

  • HANX Fix: Pill online service allows customers to purchase a prescription which will be delivered directly and discreetly, without the need to schedule an appointment. 
  • If you want to ask a question the specialist pharmacy team will contact customers directly for a chat. 
  • Once the pill has arrived, customers can understand the exact content of their pill with easily digestible language that cuts through medical jargon. 

Let’s hear what HANX has to say.

“During my time working in sexual health clinics, I saw first hand the difficulties people often face when trying to access or change their pill - and many were further restricted by COVID lockdowns. We wanted to try and create a convenient and accessible online service that offers control, knowledge and choice to those who want to use the pill for birth control and beyond. 

I’m proud that we’re also offering a digital safe space to support, educate and advise customers through what has traditionally been a daunting and intimidating process. We like to think of it as the Pill - but with more chill”.

Dr Sarah Welsh, Co-Founder HANX.

The pill with more chill sounds good to us! Find out more at https://www.hanxofficial.com