How to Choose the Best Lubricant for Sex

iPlaySafe App's Guide to Choosing the Best Lube

Let’s face it, everyone wants to slip around and get tingly. No one likes dry sex, either with someone else or getting friction burns from your own hand. That’s just ouch. So let’s look at how that can be avoided simply, easily and most importantly pleasurably. And for those of you who have no issues turning on the tap of wetness, you should give lube a go too, it can heighten intimacy with your partner immeasurably.

Sexual wellness has become a huge part of women’s self-care routines. Sex & The City and, more recently, The Bold Type are seeing an uprising in women taking their sexual pleasure into their own hands; literally and metaphorically. 

How do I Choose the Right Lube?

Good question. It’s like walking into a sweet shop when you look at the lubricants stacked along the shelves of Boots. Flavours galore! First and foremost before you go for pretty labels and nose-tingling smells, check they are pH balanced. Without this you are giving your vagina an invitation to cultivate thrush and no one wants to annoy the natural bacteria. Once you’ve found that pH label you’ve got some choices to make.

Water-Based Lubricant As close as possible to your natural wetness this is your safe bet. The possible risk is drying out mid sexy time but this can easily be solved; just squirt on some more and get slippy.

Oil-Based Lubricant The tidiest of lubes, thicker than water-based and good for longevity. Oil-based comes with a warning from latex condoms though. These guys are NOT friends and do not work well together. 

Silicone-Based Lubricants If you are in for a slippery slidey ride then this is the one for you. It also happens to be waterproof. Bonus! The hazard warning on silicone-based lubes is not to be ignored. Not only will you be slipping and sliding around intimately, if you take a shower, you’ll be sliding all over the place and maintaining a position with your partner might require some Olympic gymnast worthy moves.

Tingling Lubricants We’d recommend you pop these puppies back on the shelf. They tingle because they have something in them that makes you tingle. That something can also make you sting, itch or burn. Best to aim for the naturally induced nerve-tingles. 

Thrush Assistance Lubricants If you have ‘dry sex’ you might possibly get a few small tears in the wall of your vagina. These tears encourage bacteria and, in walks, thrush. Some lubes can bring on the same thing if they contain artificial flavourings. If you’re prone to thrush then do your vagina a favour and look for natural flavourings.

So What are the Best Sex Lubricants?

Liquid Silk Lube 

  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Water-based and gentle
  • Touch of silicone for longer lasting fun

What’s the feedback on it?

Strange thing to review but someone’s gotta do it! This stuff is really great if you suffer from dryness or friction burns. It really is like silk glides across the skin and it’s not oily at all and can be washed off easily. It feels very ‘siliconie’ . Me and hubby were very impressed by this, the consistency is as pictured it’s a cloudy white liquid that goes transparent. You don’t have to use loads, a little goes a long way! I feel like if you put this on the bathroom tiles you would go skiing across the floor. The pump is very handy, pardon the pun, doesn’t jam and is easy to dispense. So the million dollar question (you might be wondering) is has it improved things in the bedroom? Yes absolutely! However, one thing I can’t comment on is the taste because I don’t really want to eat and it doesn’t really have a smell.

TENGA Real Lotion Lubricant

  • Non-sticky sense of moisture feeling
  • Water-based
  • Comes out as one of the best lubes for handjobs and fisting. 

What’s the feedback on it?

I've tried the real, mild, and solid. The best one so far would have to be the real one because it's very slippery and slimy. Er, well not slimy but it was very similar to saliva which was very enjoyable. I recommend trying them all! Each gives their own unique feeling during sex or when you're just rubbing one off. The flip hole is a MUST with something like this, but it's also optional.

Sliquid Naturals Sassy Anal Lubricant

  • Vegan, water-based and water soluble anal gel
  • Slightly thicker gel for anal sex
  • Longer lasting

What’s the feedback on it?

This water-based lube is one of the best we’ve tried. It feels like silicone but a bit thicker and it lasts. Great to use with toys? The quality is far superior to anything else we have tried. It is also safe to use with all our silicone toys. This is our go-to lube.