iPlaySafe’s Guide to Sexercise!

“New year, New you”.

How common a phrase is that?! As you turn into 2022, Social Media is throwing every gym offer at you under the sun. 

“Join for £1”.

“Have a month free”.

“Get fit fast”.

Feeling the pressure of the lycra-clad army? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Fear not, there are other ways to achieve that 30 minutes of daily exercise. There are other pursuits that don’t involve lycra that can easily elevate the heart rate and leave you in tip-top physical health.


So What is Sexercise?

In short, it’s finding a way to release those endorphins and burn calories all from the comfort of your bed. We are all over that! 

Here’s a couple of the best sexercise positions to try to get the blood pumping. We’d recommend you ONLY try them at home and NOT in the gym. And yet…

  1. Plank in Missionary

One for the chaps mostly but heck, we think it’s ok to let them do the work. Ladies, lie yourselves down and open your legs (it really is that simple). Men, engage that core, squeeze those glutes (your backside), feel those shoulders burn whilst you rock yourself forwards and backwards. In and out you go. Slow, fast, take your pick.

  1. Squats Standing Up

Right, this is a team effort so high five each other, deliver a team pep talk and then knuckle down. Men, hold strong. You need endurance and stamina. Think of a marathon rather than a sprint. Squat down and hold strong. Ladies, shimmy onto that shaft however you see fit. Flexibility comes into play here. Fling a leg up over his shoulder for that added challenge. Grip on round his neck and jump on board for that arm strength. Expect some serious muscle burn after this one. Deeply satisfying.

  1. Squatting Cowgirl

All on you ladies, all on you. You are in command of your body and your experience here so ride it cowgirl, ride it hard. We’re working on those bum muscles here and legs. Think Beyonce and bootylicious. Guys, you just take it easy, lie down and watch in awe as those pulsing squats come reigning down on you. 

  1. Head Stand

This requires an element of discipline. You are possibly a yogi, a gym-goer already and you have the strength to do a headstand. The question is, do you have the strength to maintain the position whilst your partner goes to town on you whilst you’re upside down? This in itself will take some skills as you’re licking them out or sucking them off upside down. If we weren’t so classy we’d ask for video evidence of you all trying this one. But we’ll let our imaginations run wild instead. 

  1. Le Chien

Going all French on you here as it sounds more erotic. But in short, you’re going at it like dogs. It hits the spot for both parties with the woman’s G-spot getting a workout and his shaft getting a pumping. Try it and take note in the heat of the moment which muscle groups you’re working out. You’re looking at quads, abs, arms and last but by no means least, your backside. 

Last but not least…

  1. Missionary

If you’re tired of trying to bend into a contortionist and flexing those muscles and you just want a good old shag then revert to missionary. It’s still a kickass workout, you’ll still burn calories, you’ll still be squeezing your backside muscles without realising. So go forth and mission that missionary. 

So! Don’t panic if you can’t make it to the gym. Sex can make you equally hot and sweaty and work those muscle groups just as effectively as that kettlebell. Get erotic and bring on those endorphins!