It’s Your Power Portal: Take Control of Your Vaginal Health With Herbal & Holistic Care

“Fed up with yet another intimate infection? Your fanny’s on fire, you’ve ants in your pants and you just need to cool it, like NOW. Well, it’s time to become friends with your intimate ecology and get rid of those flare-ups. You’ve been searching for help: You just found it”.

Throw your hands in the air if you can relate to that statement! SO many of us! If you haven’t thrown your hands in the air, are you sure? Are you really sure you haven’t smothered yoghurt over your fanny at some point in your life? Shuffled in your chair at work to rev up a bit of friction to give that itch a bit more power? Stood in the shower, water on cold, shower head pointed directly at your bits to put out the fire? Yep, all of us.

The relief when we came across this book was as relieving as a Canesten pill. Medical herbalist Kathie Bishop deserves a medal. This book walks the reader through all aspects of vaginal health and ecology. Kathie’s clinical experience shines through. As does her use of totally normal, understandable, non-medical English allowing the reader to relate to and understand the ins and outs of vaginal health and discomforts.

As with all our writing at iPlaySafe App, Kathie writes to smash through the taboo and shame often associated with vaginal health. Her words normalise what is a very common but very mysterious space. You’ll be equipped with natural methods to help try and alleviate what is a very natural condition to have. 

From neonatal to post-menopausal, this book looks at vaginal health across all ages. Of course, as with any part of the body, the vagina evolves too through time and age and Kathie seeks to provide solutions through natural therapeutics that are accessible to all. 

Without further ado, we’d recommend you get yourself a copy of this and devour it from front to back. Even if you don’t have an itchy vag, it’s approach to vaginal health is both refreshing and educational. 

We need more vag supporters in this world, speaking openly and freely about the “power portal” part of the female body!

Paperback: RRP: £14.99

Available from Aeon Books