Lingo or Lingus? What do Women Want Men to do More of in Bed?

Let’s face it, we’re a complicated breed. Be it the first foray into the bedroom with a new date or a weekly (monthly?) tick off the list shag with your other half, the question remains what do women want more of in bed? 

From toe sucking to smacking that toosh to whispering sweet nothings, what moves do we crave?

Here are 5 ideas for you to try.

Sex Toys

Did you know sex positions can improve with a toy? Dispel the myth that sex toys are only good for masturbating and add it to sex. Go bold and dig out your partner’s secret stash of toys. The fun is in experimenting. Play around with positions, find the tingly spots that like being rubbed, licked, stroked, and run the toy over those areas. The vibrations are guaranteed to get nerve endings tingling and you both writhing around in ecstasy. And what position not to try with toys? Missionary. The angles are just all wrong. And as a side note, perhaps ask permission before inserting a butt plug, nobody likes surprises in that area!

The Search for the Mighty G-Spot

The magical part of the vagina that’s shrouded in mystery. Does it exist? Have you ever found your partner’s? Are they missing a whole other level of orgasm if you don’t find it? Let’s for argument’s sake say it does exist. You feel the pressure as you enter your 5th minute (2nd minute?) of foreplay when all you want to do is pop your penis inside their vagina. Ok, enough of the rummaging around! A vagina isn’t a lucky dip. ‘Poke here until you hit the jackpot’. No! Have a little tickle of the vagina wall but back the hell out if you’re not getting a reaction. Did you know it can also be stimulated externally? Don’t be fooled into thinking the ultimate orgasm is all about the G-Spot.

Anal Play

This is huge. Not the bum itself, well some can be, but the topic. The subject is still so taboo and yet it’s just a hole. It’s a hole that, if stimulated, can lead to whole other levels of orgasm. Do women want more anal play is the question? Do you just insert and hope for the best? Or do you replace your chat about how to cook broccoli with ‘would you like me up your bum’? I’d suggest proceeding with caution on this one. Go with some gentle touch, a little stroking around the area, don’t ‘insert’ anything unless you get the green light. One word of advice? Lube. God bless lube. 


Let’s talk lingo over Lingus, what do women want to hear? Talk it out or lick it out? Whispering sweet nothings or calling out names? Silent sex or feedback as you go along? Let’s face it, we're all competitive creatures by nature. Nothing beats a bit of positive feedback in the workplace so why not in the bedroom too? Put penis stroking aside and stroke ego instead. Body compliments; let’s bring back chivalry and go heavy on the body compliments. Sex compliments; what woman doesn’t want to hear that she’s just rivalled Linda Lovelace in the Oscars category for Best Deep Throat. Just don’t go calling out your ex’s name accidentally, nobody likes lingo like that. 


Do all women have a fetish that they want to explore? BDSM is on the rise as it becomes more ‘mainstream’. We can thank Mr Grey for that. Feet feature highly, as well as restraints, latex, rope, threesomes, the list is endless. The only way you’ll find out if a woman is into any of this is, not by leaving your props in a display cabinet, but by communicating. If there’s a common ground for wanting to expand your bedroom repertoire then get exploring. Whether you’ve landed on toe sucking or gimp masks, embrace the newfound explorations. Just save the gimp mask for your second date perhaps.

So there you have it, a little insight into what women may want. Push the boundaries, be bold, and ask the questions. What’s the worst that could happen? Well, quite a lot actually.  But, life is short and women are mysterious creatures, so why not have fun unravelling their mysteries and discovering what they really want. Remember though, a woman's biggest sex organ is her brain so respect, listen and compliment us and then you might get to enter our knickers.