Mind Blowing Toys for Mind Blowing Orgasms

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The Best Sex Toys on the Market!

Reach for that paper and pen people because we’re about to equip you with the knowledge of all knowledge to achieve that ultimate big ‘O’. That toe tingling, nerve shaking, orgasmic-tastic feeling of utter euphoria can be achieved in so many mind-blowing ways! 

What once were taboo toys are now so popular that it’s estimated the global sex toy market stands at nearly $34billion with an annual growth of 8%. Get you, you saucy lot! It looks like lockdown has produced a new hobby in quarantine. Some buy dumbbells, some buy rabbits. Embrace whatever gets those endorphins pumping, we say.

Whether you need a helping hand (pardon the pun), prefer to reach for the rabbit vibrators, like to fire in the bullets or make magic with the wands, here are some of the best absolutely necessary sex toys on the market.

Best sex toys - for that sound of silence

Screaming O

Ironically named the Screaming O and brought to you by Love Honey, this quietly purring clitoral vibrator whispers away to its heart content. And, more importantly, to your vagina’s content. 

Whether you’re at home hiding from the kids, in communal living or hiding in the toilets at work, as long as you can keep your own moans quiet, no one will hear you’re having a play. It’s shape will cover the whole area of your vulva meaning some seismic sensations are about to erupt. Ever known a volcano to erupt silently? No us neither, good luck with that one!

Best sex toys for men and those with a partner with a penis

TENGA egg lovers heart textured masturbator 

Tenga brings you the hand job of your life with their silky smooth, eggasmic masturbator. Pop a bit of lube inside the egg and pop that penis in. The textures inside the egg will give you the stimulation of your life. Don’t want to withdraw or simply can’t withdraw in time? No stress, you’re simply reinstating the yolk. Don’t be tempted to fry this egg though. That’s a whole other blog on the benefits of semen.

Best sex toys for couples

Desire Luxury rechargeable vibrating cock ring

We’re talking about sex involving penetrative sex so we’re giving a shout out to a good old solid cock ring. This is a hard core, industrial type cock ring that won’t just slap around between the person’s cock and their partner. This is guaranteed to make some impact. 

Here’s a fairly technical download, in real life it’s far sexier than we’re about to make out. But for the sake of gender diversity, here goes. 

The penis-owning person slides it down their shaft and then presses ‘ON’. Now get into whatever position you want but we’d go with this one for maximum shakes. The person with the clitoris climbs on top, shimmys their vagina down that shaft so that the clitoris is on top of the wavey bits of the ring (told you it was technical) and then what happens next will blow your mind. And your clitoris. And the contents of the shaft owner. Sexy hey?

Best sex toys for women - who want to get serious about their toys

Lovehoney classic mains powered magic wand vibrator.

Anything with the word ‘mains powered’ in it means business. Wand vibrators may sound all fluffy and disney-esque but these toys are serious bits of kit. You’ve mastered the rabbit and you’ve done a bit of clit sucking. Now let’s propel you to the next level of play with this mains powered magic wand vibrator. 

Lovehoney refers to it as delivering ‘on demand’ orgasms. How unsexy does that sound!? But the description is bang on. Cruise from one intensity to the next and there’s a strong possibility you won’t make it past the first 2 levels. Whether you’re popping it in and out yourself or your partner is delivering the pleasure this is a powerful pleaser. 

Best sex toys for anyone who likes changing the temp

Lovehoney glass sensual glass dildo 7 inch

If you like the odd ice cube chucked into foreplay or maybe a bit of hot wax then this is the toy for you. Glass dildos are temperature versatile which means you can go hot or cold. It’s beaded and curved design easily slides to the right spots. Then all you need to do is pop the kettle on or reach for the ice, swish it around in a glass of hot or cold water and then swish it around inside your vagina. That’s one hot (or cold) orgasm right there.

Best sex toys for partner controlled orgasms 

Desire rechargeable remote control knicker vibrator

A vibrator that sits in your knickers and is controlled by your partner. Let’s just think about that one for a second. Anyone else lining up a list of where they want to try it? Tube? Restaurant? Cinema? In laws’ house? The list is endless and perhaps it's the thrill of the cheekiness of this one that makes us love it so much. The look on your partner’s face as their hand slips into their pocket and nudges the ‘on’ button as you casually chat away to your Mother-in-law; that gets our vote right there. 

Best vibrator for clitoral stimulation

Smile Makers firefighter clit vibrator

Any sentence that has the words ‘firefighter’ and ‘vibrator’ in the same breath turns our knickers fizzy in a heartbeat. If you're a fan of a tongue working its way around your clit then this is the toy for you. It’s designed to create the magic of a lick, the tingle of a suck and the inevitable gaze from between the legs as you watch the recipient writhe around in sheer ecstasy. 

Best sex toys for anal play for all who want to play

Whether you want to play with your own bum hole or your partner wants to have a little go, there’s a toy out there for everyone that will raise your big ‘O’s to new heights. Here’s our 2 favs. 

Who’d have thought there was a hands-free toy that could attach to your bum and do the work for you? Well there is! Bought to you by New York Toy Collective, their Double Sided Suction Cup will happily attach itself to your bum hole and pump away to your heart (or bum’s) content. Leaving you to, in the words of Johnny English, “wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care”!

If you’re new to anal play or just love a bit of a tickle round the back then is the toy to try. The b-vibe remote control rechargeable vibrating rimming butt plug (phew long name!) is not only ghostly silent but has some good length on it at 3 inches for those worried about losing something up there. With a remote to control it, the choice is yours whether you dictate play yourself or hand over the remote to your partner to ride the waves of euphoria with you. Its remote takes away any fumbling around round the back for the buttons and leaves matters firmly within you or your partner’s hands. 

Anal vibrators aren’t for everyone. Anal play isn’t for everyone. But they can be a perfect way to experiment, explore the feelings, the heightened nerves, test the water and, get you and your bum hole prepared for anal sex. So invest in a good water-based lube and reach for that backdoor of orgasmic anal pleasure! 

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