Period Blood Colour: What does it mean, and does it matter?

Every period is different. Some of us bleed more than others. Some of us cramp, some of us don’t. Some of us use menstrual cups. Some of us use tampons. Blood colour is a relatively unspoken topic when it comes to our periods. And yet if you tune into the colour of your blood it can be a great way to better understand your menstrual cycle and your body!

What can different period blood colours mean?

Grey/Black period blood

You’re most likely to get this colour at the beginning and/or end of your period. Your blood is more oxidised which makes it darker. Don’t panic if you see pretty much black blood at the end. This is just older blood coming out.

Brown/dark red period blood

Is dark period blood normal? This is along the same lines as black blood. It's simply older blood leaving your body and you’ll most likely see this at the start or end of your period. 

Bright red period blood

Fresh period blood! This is your period at it's brightest. Some of you will have bright red blood throughout and not experience the darker period blood. 

Pink period blood

Pink period is more common on days when your period is lighter.

Blobs of period blood

Otherwise known as clotting. These are a different consistency and more glue-like than liquid. It’s common to get blobs on the heavier days of your period. 

Jelly period blood

This can happen when your period blood mixes with your cervical mucus and you’ll get a jelly-like period. 

All periods are different. Our bodies are all different and are to be embraced in all their beautiful natural forms! If you’re at all worried about your period blood then pop along to your GP for a chat.