Sassy Spring Date Ideas

So you’ve worked your way through the winter date vibes of ice skating, mulled wine by the fire, open fire in a hearty olde English pub. Now what the heck do you do?

Fear not, your fountain of all knowledge team is on hand to guide you through Spring. 

Let’s set the scene first and get you all moist down below and hot under the collar.

It’s not too hot or too cold, you can see bulbs popping up all around you, there’s a sense of optimism and positivity in the air with summer around the corner. You are feeling ALIVE!

Right, let's take the stress of planning away from you and leave you your only task of finding your date with some very simple, yet effective date ideas for Spring.

  1. Sail Away. Remember the Bridget Jones moment where he recites poetry whilst casually rowing good old Bridget across a lake? Yep don’t do that. But do hit the water. Find a nice river cruise to hop aboard. Or be bold and row that boat but remember it is hard work, so if you sweat profusely you might want to avoid any physical exertion. 
  1. Go to a Garden Centre. How middle-aged does that sound?! You’ll be surprised how much fun it is wandering casually around a garden centre. There is always so much more to see than just plants. Pick a goodie and there’s always a coffee shop in the middle of it. This is a surprising hit of a date. 
  1. Pack a Picnic. In the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, “cop a squat” under a tree, sip a cool glass of wine, nibble on some delicacies and who knows what you’ll be nibbling on later. 
  1. Ride the Bus. Jump on the top of a double decker and go and sightsee your own city. It's fascinating how many people have never done this. It isn’t just for tourists and it’s amazing what sights you’ll see in your hometown when you’re actually taking the time to look at them.
  1. Ride a Bike. We don’t mean each other. Not quite yet. That comes later. Get outside, rent a bike and casually cycle around. Pick a few sights to see, stop off for lunch and get some active miles under your belt. Nothing like a bit of an endorphin hit to get the heart pumped for what might come later. 

So there you have it, some very simple and sassy spring dates to get the love juices flowing in springtime!