Self Love as an Act of Self Care!

From the physical benefits of reduced heart disease to the very many positives around boosting your mental health, the benefits of a little self love are worth investing in. Sex itself with a partner can reap the rewards of solo play. Imagine getting jiggy with someone knowing exactly what turns you on, which bits of your body fire you up and what type of touch gets your juices flowing. That’s mind-blowing sex right there with confidence in your own body at an all-time high.

Ignore all those historic myths about masturbation making you go blind, remove the taboo label that brands it as something ‘dirty’ and get fiddling.

Here’s just a few reasons why you should enjoy some self-love!

Stress Reducer

Have a little play and your body will relax, blood flow is stimulated, happy hormones like oxytocin are released and you should start to feel just a little bit less stressed. Science points to a boost in mental health too as you flood the brain with happy hormones. So, had a bad day at the office? Still at the office and got a lunch break to take? Head to a private place, reach for your private parts and let the hormones come surging in.

Improved Sleep

Again, it's all about those natural chemicals. Hit the spot and reach the mighty ‘orgasm’ and you’ve released a load of endorphins. If you can keep up the good work, over time you’ll release tension in your body and mind which should bring on better sleep. So if you struggle to sleep then time your play for when you’re snuggled in bed, stroke the right parts and then slowly drift off into an orgasm-infused sleep.

Self-Love = Self-Esteem

You do YOU. Quite literally. You are focusing on yourself and showing yourself a little bit of love and consideration. Make love to yourself and make it the best shag of your life.

The Ultimate Pre-Partner Sex Warm-Up

Rumour has it that masturbation increases blood flow around the pelvic floor. If you’ve got a whole heap of extra blood circulating around your sexy-time bits then it’s only going to heighten your sensitivity and arousal. Ultimately it’s therefore the best prep for actual sex with a partner. Anyone who plays sports and exercises knows how important it is to warm-up. So what are you waiting for? There is no time limit on how long a warm-up needs to be. 

A Play a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

We think this should be a ‘thing’. Don’t you agree? In all seriousness, if you’re more in tune with your body, feeling it, stroking it, touching base with it, you’re more likely to come across lumps and bumps that historically you might not have discovered by just having the odd shower or bath. We’d advise you to take the Doctor’s advice.

Get that Skin Glow

If you spend a fortune on a skincare regime then perhaps we can save you a few pennies. Orgasms increase oestrogen. Oestrogen can make your skin glow and reduce your years. Ditch the expensive creams and get playing. And next time you see someone with perfect skin we dare you to ask them whether it’s down to masturbation!

So there you have it, iPlaySafe’s guide to why masturbation is all about self-care and self-love and why it is absolutely worth the time to invest in yourself. 

Happy playing!