Short & To The Point: The Vagina

What is the vagina?

It’s a tube which connects your vulva with your cervix - the vagina is the inside bit, not the outside bit. 

Where does the name Vagina come from?

It means ‘sheath’ in Latin. I know, frustrating isn’t it, an incredible part of the female body and it’s name is defined by how it fits with a penis!

What’s the difference between a vagina and a vulva?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. In short, the vagina is on the inside and the vulva is on the outside. 

What comes out of it?

All the things that are incredible and beautiful processes of the female body. Babies, discharge and period blood. 

What should not come out of it?

Your wee. That has a whole hole of its own. And bright red blood, not menstrual blood, but bright red blood. If that’s coming out then pop along to your GP and get that checked. 

What size should my vagina be?

That’s like asking how big your nose should be. Plastic surgeons may sell ‘the perfect vagina’ package but there is no correct size and no perfect size; it’s a vagina, as simple as that!

How do I keep my vagina clean?

A common concern is that vaginas can smell. The good news is, vaginas are incredibly clever and are self-cleaning. So step away, don’t smother it in beautiful smelling products otherwise you may disrupt the bacterial balance inside. 

What’s the deal with vaginal tightening?

Reality TV has a lot to answer for and has put a spotlight on a cosmetic procedure called vaginal tightening. Have a good think about this before you go ahead. They are enormously expensive, very unnecessary, may not be long lasting and raise the question of who the procedure is primarily benefiting. If it’s not you, then step away. 

What should I go to my GP about?

Absolutely anything that concerns you about your vagina. Don’t spend hours scrolling through google, it doesn’t solve anything. Pop down to your surgery and have a chat. If the GP needs to take a peak then you are in the best possible place to put your mind at ease.