The Menopause & Intimacy: In a Nutshell

Menopause. The word can bring many out in cold sweats at just the thought of it. It ranks up there with ‘period’ and ‘masturbation’ when it comes to what we’re comfortable talking about. 

And yet! The topic is opening up, the chat is getting louder and there’s a general acceptance that it’s just a perfectly natural thing that happens to our bodies!

Does it affect sex? Yep, it sure does. Everyone is different and everyone goes through different symptoms. Here’s a few questions that most people want to ask and yet most people don’t ask. 

What can menopause do sexually?

Menopause brings with it a loss of estrogen and testosterone. This might make you feel less inclined to get jiggy with it. You might not feel like jumping on your partner as often as normal. Your partner stroking your inner thigh might not produce the normal outcome of your juices running freely over his fingers in hot anticipation of what’s about to come next. Quite frankly, you might not care one bit about what’s coming next. 

Is sex good for menopause?

Absolutely! Get naked people because regular sex keeps your vagina in tip-top shape. How? Blood flow, sex gets that blood pumping. It keeps your vagina muscles toned and super stretchy. So ditch the yoga (not really, do that too) and get yourself a play partner if you don’t have one already. 

How can you sexually arouse a woman in menopause?

Hot flashes and feeling wiped out can be great passion-killers when it comes to having a play under the sheets. But, there are some tricks and tips that could spice things up and bring back that inner goddess and its sexual appetite. 

  • Reach for the lube - say goodbye to vaginal dryness and get slippery.
  • Go doggie-style - try rear-entry vaginal sex. Not only will you release the pressure on your vagina but you’ll feel like a badass for switching things up with your positions. 
  • Climb on board - hop on top and face your partner, or go crazy and pivot 180 and face their feet. The control is all yours, pace, pressure, intensity, all yours. 
  • Get stuck in - it’s sex after all. If you suddenly have a hot flush and need to jump in the shower to cool down, take your partner with you and carry on playing.

So there you have it. The menopause and sex in a nutshell. It’s a perfectly natural thing that happens to your body. It might need some little adjustments to your sex life. It doesn’t mean your sex life needs to stop. So get playing!