The world of dating post Covid

Quarantine has been tough. As a singleton, it's easy to be envied for a ‘lack of ties’ existence. Did lockdown make you reassess your dating habits and strive to find Mr Darcy? Or are you a-ok with a casual hook-up and putting yourself out there? 

Let’s explore some ideas to help you get back into the dating game with a few tips on how to find your perfect banana-bread making life-partner (or brief encounter).

What are you looking for in a Partner?

Lockdown sure as hell has led to some life reflections. Too much reflecting if you ask me. But take the positives. Has it made you reevaluate your current partner? A study by dating site eharmony found that 50% of couples came out of lockdown concluding they were with their life partner. That’s pretty impressive given the close confinements we all lived within.

If,on the other hand, you’ve emerged and decided to dump…then firstly, I’m sorry, but secondly, congrats! You’ve concluded you don’t like what you saw and you’ve called it. Freedom! Now write a list of the downsides of that relationship, and what you don’t want to see again. Then write a list of what you liked (dig deep, you’ll remember something) and don’t settle for middle ground. 

Embrace the Online Dating 

You’re hiding behind a device, go deep! We don’t mean physically deep, that’ll come later, we mean emotionally deep. Ask the questions you might not feel comfortable asking face to face. Start vanilla, then push the boundaries if you feel comfortable. Why not!? They’re not going to see you blushing and you don’t have to hide in the toilets of a bar to disguise your hot flush. Who knows where it might lead once you’ve discovered what their ‘hobbies’ are? Wherever it leads, embrace the excitement. Welcome to the dating game of 2021: unleash your inner extrovert!

Exposure. Get Yourselves Out There.

This may be uncomfortable for some, for others you might be raring to go. Just try and get yourself back out there. This is classic phobic work if we were to bring an expert into analyse this. The more you get out, the easier it will become. It’s like riding a bike; a little bit of saddle sore initially ladies and gents and then you’re back into it. Build up the connection online first, COVID-19 has provided the perfect excuse to not jump straight into a physical date. If there’s no connection through your online frolics sack it off, save your time and as Boris says, your immune system. However! If the banter is flying, get yourselves out to the nearest pub and let the chemistry ooze out. 

What’s Wrong with a Little Bit of Bacteria?

Is it wrong to social distance on a date? What if I don’t want to snog them? What if they turn up wearing a mask? Yep, that might be a little tricky. Who doesn’t get turned on watching someone’s mouth move? If they’re wearing a mask, respect them. But let’s face it, we are around bacteria everyday in our lives. If you’re fine to embrace a post-COVID dating life then you go for it. It’s a personal choice!

So there you have it, a few tips to help you get out into the big bold world of dating. Are we entering climates new or can we just embrace the old norm or good old chemistry and a bit of banter thrown in? If you chose to get out there and date, get going, live your best life and perhaps you’ll find that hook-up or life-partner.