To Swallow or Not To Swallow? 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Semen

Is it healthy to eat sperm? It’s not exactly the question everyone asks their Mum or pops their hand up in Biology class is it! Often, whether you swallow, spit or steer the penis left comes down to a personal choice. And yet by not having a taste of this little bit of bodily fluid could see you missing out on some cheeky health benefits. It’s not just your partner who is reaping the rewards of firing the canon but let’s see what it can do for you too!

Is men’s sperm really that good for women’s health? In a word, yes. And here’s why. 

  1. Semen makes you smile. It’s a natural antidepressant. It’s common knowledge that a good old shag can lift the mood considerably. Even average sex is still sex at the end of the day. Research has shown that absorbing semen into your bloodstream may  help get rid of the blues. That’s not to say you should be having sex without a condom of course.
  1. Semen can help you sleep better. Sex is tiring, in the most part. Unless of course you lie there like a starfish. And then perhaps not so tiring. But back to the point. Semen contains melatonin which is a chemical that helps make you sleepy and relaxed. So get swallowing if you fancy a little nap.
  1. Semen is full of your daily dose of multivitamins. Who’d have thought, a dose of semen might make you live longer. But that’s what the Doctor is ordering. Never mind your peanut butter infused morning chia shake, one squirt and swallow of the old cum shake and you’re ingesting over 200 proteins in one hit as well as a hefty dose of vitamins. Zinc, Vitamin C, lactic acid, magnesium to name a few. Way cheaper than your average health shop. 
  1. Semen stops your hair falling out. Yep, you heard it right. If the men out there reading this haven’t been paying attention I bet you’ve just sat up straight now. Semen contains spermidine which has been proven to encourage hair shaft elongation as well as giving a little boost to the stem cells that lead to hair growth. Spermidine capsule anyone?

And the most random of all facts to polish off:

  1. Semen may be the next all-natural fire extinguisher. As in it could help put fires out? Real fires? Absolutely. It’s been suggested that DNA in semen could be used in the creation of fire-retardant materials. We won’t go into the science behind it as we feel your mind will be blown already with this fact. So we’ll just leave this one with you. Perhaps advisable NOT to have a quick wank if you see a fire that needs putting out.