Top 3 Best Menstrual Cups

So you’re looking to make the move from tampons to menstrual cups. Which menstrual cup brand is best? How do I know which menstrual cup to buy? Good question! Does the brand of menstrual cup matter? Well you’ve made the decision to switch to these little rubber funnel-shaped cups so let’s help you decide with some very enthusiastic reviews.

How does a menstrual cup work? 

Similar to tampons you need to pop them in your vagina. They collect blood rather than absorb it like a tampon. It may come as a surprise to you but period blood only adds up to a couple of teaspoons a day. You’ll need to empty your cup every 8-12 hours and give it a clean.

What benefits are there to using a menstrual cup?

So many! There’s the environmental considerations - which are huge. No more tampons flushed down the toilet 10 times a day hurrah! Then there’s the affordability of them. You are buying one and not one or two boxes of tampons every period. Finish off with the added benefit of cups reducing leaks and even possibly cramping and you have one very handy product. 

Which menstrual cups are best for beginners?

As with anything new you’ll need to have a little patience with the inserting and removing. Manufacturers would advise choosing a smaller size first and then scale-up once you’ve got the hang of it. That said, with most manufacturers there are only 2 sizes. Small - for those who haven’t had a vaginal birth and large for those who have had a vaginal birth. Nothing to do with the size of your vagina and all about the change in your cervix during childbirth.

What menstrual cup should I buy?

If you’re making the switch to menstrual cups let’s have a look at some of Amazon’s top picks that come with some ‘bloody’ good glowing reviews and give you our iPlaySafe Top 3 Picks!

Saalt Soft cup

  • Extra soft, strong and flexible
  • Functional but elegant
  • Hypoallergenic and biocompatible

What’s the feedback on it?

Seriously a life changer! I have become a salad soft cup activist and I keep buying them for friends to make them use them! It pops right open, it doesn’t push your bladder, it doesn’t annoy you it hurts like other cups. Tip just add a bit of lub upon insertion and BOOM. Am using the small one for the light days and the big one for heavy days and I haven’t had a child. Your blood doesn’t smell and my cramps got less painful- although there is no evidence that this is because of the cup but HEY I believe it! It has completely changed my relationship with my period and my relationship with my body during these days that I used to feel disgusting and smelly. I love this product they should be offering to every teenage girl when they have their first period! Also really good for the environment as it lasts for ages. I have been using mine for over 2 years and it’s still like new! I could go on forever. Saalt team THANK YOU!!!!!

Pixie Menstrual Cup

  • Long stem for easy removal
  • Great value starter pack for £49.95

What’s the feedback on it?

It was a tough choice choosing between all the different brands, but I liked the size options and the stem so I took a chance. Holy guacamole, this thing is incredible. Put it in once, no leaks since. Worn overnight, literally no issues. Cycled to work, what’s that? No leaks again. No faffing around trying to make sure it’s in the right place, you just put it in and you’re good to go. Life saver!

Lunette Menstrual Cup

  • Work well for heavy flow periods
  • Soft and flexible
  • Made with medical-grade silicone

What's the feedback on it?

Who knew I'd be enthusing about a Silicon plunger you shove up your bits on a public website - but here I am. I only took... the plunge...because I'm in my late 40s and bleeding so hard and so often, even I didn't know how I am still alive. I became a one-woman landfill filler: wading through tampons and pads like nobody's business- and I wasn't best pleased. The cup makes my life convenient again - brings new meaning to the term 'pour and go' and there's zero waste, it's environmentally-friendly and there's those two fingers up to the tampon tax. If you've never used a cup before, I highly recommend doing your research: every woman is different and every brand has a slightly different shape (it may be trial and error for a bit, you will certainly learn A LOT about your body - and that's no bad thing).