What’s On Your *** Playlist?

What do you mean you don’t have a sexy playlist?! If you’re not hitting ‘shuffle’ whilst you ‘get it on’ to some banging tunes then your sexy time is missing out! 

What’s not to love about moving to a rhythm?

Whether you like it slower and passionate or rough and fast, create that list and you could be looking at a game changer. You owe it to your orgasms to schmooze that spotify list.

So let’s get you started on our top songs. You can thank us post-quiver my friend.

  1. “Wow” - Zara Larsson featuring Sabina Carpenter. Quite simply wow. 
  1. “Wants and Needs” - Drake featuring Lil Baby. Let this song fulfill them both babes.
  1. “Often” - The Weeknd. In fact, any song by The Weeknd gets my juices flowing.
  1. “Hold” - Vera. Any song that opens with “I love the way you tie me down” is a winner. 
  1. “Hands to Myself” - Selena Gomez. The song says ‘hands to myself’, let's all do the exact opposite. 
  1. “I Want Your Sex” - George Michael. Yes George! Be bold, be brave, don’t mess your words and state your intention loud and clear!
  1. “Hot in Here” - Nelly. Way too hot to keep clothes on. Take a note out of Nelly’s advice and strip off.
  1. “Like a Virgin” - Madonna. Not anymore Mads, not anymore.
  1. “I’m On Fire” - Bruce Springsteen. The man is a legend who deserves to be on any playlist. Especially when a song contains the word “daddy”. 
  1. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” - The Rolling Stones. Did someone mention edging? 

So, download those tunes, let the musical sexual awakening begin. And, if you want to lengthen the playtime for those nights of multiple orgasms then head to our schmooztastic list of nerve tingling tunes here. We have some tunes to get you in the mood and get the sex juices flowing. Listen to some iPlaySafe curated playlists Play Tunes on Spotify packed full of playlists curated by exciting artists and music producers whose ultimate aim is to help you “Get it On”!