Wylde One

“Reawaken your natural play with our 100% clean, herb & water-based lubricant”

​​Yes please! 

Let’s take a closer look at the new pleasure pleaser debut lubricant Wylde One Into The Wylde. 

Firstly we love the name. Wylde One. It’s an invitation to unleash your inner animal and be at one with nature. Let sex become an act of pure freedom. At one with nature. 

Secondly, we love their imagery and the feel you get from their branding. A naked woman draped in flowers seems like a silent nod of permission to unleash some inner desires. 

This product oozes all things natural. A sexual freedom to it that makes you want to go and lie naked in a field. It conjures up images of embracing the great outdoors as your partner smothers you in Wylde One, slides into you and brings you to a mind-blowing climax whilst the heat of the sun beats down on your exposed body.

Sounds saucy doesn't it? Well, we think this lubricant is everything saucy, sensual and sexual. 

Into the Wylde’s mission is all about VLC - Vulva Loving Care. You see, even VLC sounds tender and at one with nature. Think connectivity, being at one with your body, in tune with your sexual needs supported by all things natural. 

Wylde One is a herbal-based, organic, vegan and natural lubricant. No hidden chemicals, no hidden fuss. Just plain and simple you and your body and the tingles you can feel from that touch, that stroke, that breath across your skin. 

When a company’s values seek to understand the climate ‘down under’ and connect with our wylde side then it gets our vote. So give it a go, free from the fear of itchiness whilst pursuing pleasure in nature.