Your Guide to Hanx Condoms 101

With so many condom choices on the market there is no excuse for not protecting yourself and your bed buddy. We love to give a little nod to our favs! So here’s a short, sharp guide to HANX!

The HANX Condom was conceived (pardon the pun) when Co-Founder Farah Kabir bumped into her boss when out buying condoms on her lunch break. After getting over the initial embarrassment, she felt angry that women should feel self-conscious about buying contraception. She vented to Co-Founder Dr Sarah Welsh, whose experience working in sexual health clinics in London had given her a startling insight into the realities of attitudes towards condoms. 

Visitors to the clinic cited embarrassment as a key reason why they weren’t using condoms, and consequently contracting STIs. As the pair investigated further, they found that many condoms are formulated with ingredients that actually can cause irritation to the vagina, such as harsh spermicides and anaesthetics which are intended to delay orgasm for people with penises. 

So they went to work to create something better, something women truly deserved!

HANX condoms are made from natural rubber, cornstarch powder and silicon oil. They use a vegetable binder extract. The rubber has been vulcanised from natural rubber latex using sulphur, zinc oxide, accelerators and soap. The chemical input is the bare minimum and is the exact level needed to ensure HANX condoms are safe. 

As with any rubber products, there are traces of nitrosamines in HANX, though these are minimal and regular tests are carried out for the presence of nitrosamines. Aside from these necessary traces, HANX is free of glycerin, spermicides, benzocaine, and casein. HANX is also free from parabens, synthetic colourants and fragrances.

HANX is both vegan and cruelty-free which means no animals were harmed in any part of the production process. Many people aren’t aware of this, but not all condoms are vegan as they contain casein, an animal protein. Instead, HANX uses a plant-based extract to create a silky smooth feeling – this, plus the fact that we never test on animals, means they are fully vegan certified!

HANX condoms are fair rubber certified as they’re made from latex which has been fairly sourced. They’re also biodegradable — you can dispose of them in your household waste or compost and they’ll decompose under the influence of light and oxygen usually after about 3 months. 

ALL HANX outer boxes are made from recyclable cardboard, while lube bottles are made from recycled, recyclable plastic. 


Here’s a few high fives from other HANX fans.

“If you ever suffer from UTIs after sex, you’ll want to try HANX condoms. They’ve been gynaecologist-approved and promise to offer an ultra-thin, natural, Vegan Society certified and free from harsh chemicals condom. Sounds good, right? Designed by women, for women, they’re even biodegradable, too”.

Marie Claire’s ‘Best Condoms; 15 Brands To Add To The Basket That Can Actually Make Sex Better’.

“Condoms are the most disposable product used during sex, but they are also the most important. Unplanned reproduction is the most environmentally hazardous bi-product of our sex lives. As such, access to safe and affordable contraception and the right to choose are vital. Our personal health and the health of the planet are more closely intertwined than you might think. Sexual wellness brand HANX is built on this philosophy”.

Vogue’s ‘7 Ways To Make Your Sex Life More Sustainable’.

“Hanx condom packaging tends to be somewhere between engine oil and a Yorkie, but HANX’s white and gold design is a shelfie-worthy, next to your Glossier cleanser and Charlotte Tilbury mascara”.

The Guardian’s ‘From Posh loos to dry January bores: this week’s fashion trends’.

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