Period Sex Tips: Unravelling the Taboo

By iplaysafe

Let’s talk about period blood. Tempted to back out of this blog? Feeling a bit grossed out? Read on because in short, it’s just blood, it’s just your period and it’s just having sex that might end up a little bit messy. Who cares right?!

Of all the sexual taboos to be dismantled over the years, period sex is still up there on the ‘let’s not go there’ list of chat. When the advertising industry would only reference watery, blue, absorbable liquid and period pads you knew there’s still a long way to go. 2021 and you’d hope the rhetoric was being smashed. And yet is it? 

Are you nervous about venturing into world of period sex? Or, are you there and simply not keen to talk openly about it? Well fret not. We’re here to shout loud and proud that it's perfectly natural, there are plenty of great reasons to get jiggy on your period and a ton of ways to heighten those pleasure heights. The more comfortable we can start feeling around messiness, the more barriers we can break down. Not grossed out by messy period sex? Neither are we! 

So what is it about periods that’s so controversial? Why are we so bothered about a perfectly natural, real bodily function? Maybe if we lay bare a few common questions it might break down some barriers. So here goes. 

Can you have sex on your period? 

Absolutely. Absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have sex on your period and absolutely no reason why it might end up being really mind blowingly orgasmically brilliant. We can all have a good old moan about our changing hormones whilst we’re ‘on’ but increased estrogen and testosterone bring about a surge in sensitivity and arousal. Your vagina is more open and receptive so why not welcome in that orgasm party with a good shag? Use those hormones to your advantage!  

What are the benefits of having period sex?

Plenty. It’s sex! What’s not to love about the benefits of any sex. Again, hormones come into play here. If your hormones are firing off all cylinders, so too might your orgasm. You’ll never know if you can go to even higher heights of toe tingling orgams unless you give it a try. 

Anyone suffer from period cramps? Yep. So, orgasms release chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin, feel good chemicals which act as a natural painkiller for our bodies. Painkillers can ease the pain of menstrual cramps. 

No more cramps? An orgasm thrown in for good measure? Sounds good to me. Go go go! 

Can I get pregnant having sex on my period?

Yes you sure can. Stick to your birth control method of choice.

Want to give sex on your period? Here’s a few top tips:

  • Lather up

Messy sex can be hot, so hot! But we totally get that the possible ‘mess’ might put you off. Let’s get solution-focused so you don’t miss out! Jump in the shower. Problem solved. As you writhe around feeling the full force of the mighty hormonal surge, the shower will wash away any possible mess.

  • Put the phwoaar into foreplay

Ever get turned on by the mere thought of what's coming next? Where you might get touched next? Where your partner’s tongue might tease and tickle? Even if you don’t want the messy bit you can still do a whole lot of stroking the inner thighs, kissing the nape of a neck, breathing over their clitoris. The build up in itself might be powerful enough to bring on an orgasm. That’s tantra right there. 

  • Experiment with what, where and how

Have a play around with depth, angles, positions, movements. Your body is in a different receptive phase when you’re on your period so having sex during this time might be the perfect time to chuck a few new moves in. 

  • Dig out the waterproofs

We mean sheets, blankets, towels. Cover your bed in something you’re not worried about getting a little bloody. Once you’ve hit the heights of orgasmic pleasure, pop them in the wash and hey presto, you’ll be wondering what all the fuss is about and why you’ve missed out all these years! 

  • Find your inner Fifty Shades

We don’t mean full-on Mr Grey antics (unless of course you want to). Period sex is the perfect time to tap into your other senses. Touch, tease, nibble, breath, whisper your innermost thoughts. Take advantage of heightened senses and unleash those fantasies. 

  • Play safe

Your cervix opens when you’re on your period to let it all out. This also leaves a little window of opportunity for bacteria to creep in. Let’s play safe and use that condom even if you’re in a committed relationship. 

  • Try it

Go on, we dare you, give it a go. You just never know you might bloody love it! And if you don’t you tick it off as something you can stop wondering about. It’s an unknown but from the unknown might come the best sex ever. Your period might no longer be something you dread, it might become a time you long for, you yearn for, a time you ‘hell yes’ for! 

So there you have it, an honest and open insight into the world of periods in all their glory and gory! Whatever your opinion or preference for periods and period sex let’s open up the stigma around it. It’s just blood. It’s just a natural occurrence. It’s just sex. The female body is beautiful, incredible, and powerful. Periods are a phenomenal part of the female body, not a subject to be ashamed of, embarrassed by or a cause for conflict in any relationship. 

And our main word of advice, whatever your preference, whatever you chose to do - have bloody good fun!

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